Computer issues?

Bytehead can help!

Bytehead (also known as Bryan Price) has 20+ years of computer experience, with over 15 years of Internet experience. He can help you get rid of those annoyances that are slowing down system. He can help you get rid of those pesky pop-ups that keep appearing, even when you aren't on the Internet!

Bytehead also has the experience to get your small or home office, or your entire home networked and running smoothly.

Computer services:

System Security
Virus and trojan horse detection and removal
Spyware and Pop-up control
Network installation and service
Windows NT, 2000, 2003 Server
IBM OS/2 Warp Server
Upgrades and migrations from one networking operating system to another
Router installation
Custom system design
System upgrades
System backups
File sharing
Internet solutions
Tutoring and training for:
The Internet (web browsing, email, chat, even web page creation)
Microsoft Office applications
eBay - Setting up an account, how it works

Call me at (904) 403-3584 or .

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The snail mail address is:

Bytehead Consulting
PO Box 1298
Orange Park FL 32076-1298

My rate card will be up online soon!